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September 21, 2017




Since 1987, Pacific Rim Publishing has been dedicated to the production of conflict simulations.





We do not have full graphics on these four games ready yet. If you know that you will wish any one — or all — of these games, please send an mail to staff@justplain.com with the title(s) of the games you wish to pre-order and state the number of each that you wish as the text of your message.


When the pre-orders for any of these games reach 500, you will be asked to return to the Pacific Rim Publishing web site and place your order for that title.



Pre-Orders are being accepted for —

Jack Radey's KORSUN POCKET: Little Stalingrad on the Dnepr — List Price $300.00 — PRE-ORDER PRICE — $225.00

[Order Number PRP-007 Number of Pre-Orders Received — 024]

This is Jack Radey's update of his original monster game of 1978. Two Soviet Fronts surround a German Army in the Ukraine and a ferocious battle takes place as the Germans try to break the encirclement and the Soviets seek to crush both the rescuers and the beleaguered troops in the Korsun Pocket. 


     • 12 counter sheets of 200 die-cut backprinted counters each

     • four 25 x 38 inch game maps

     • two 11 x 24 inch German Order of Battle Charts

     • two 12 x 48 inch Soviet Order of Battle Charts

     • one 24-page Rules Booklet

     • one 24-page Scenarios Booklet

     • one 24-page Commentary, History, and Designer’s Notes Booklet

     • two double-sided 22 x 34 situation maps (25 January, 1 February, 10 February, one blank for planning purposes)

     • two player turn record track cards

     • two player chart and aids cards

     •one six sided die




Roger Deal's CULLODEN: The Last of The '45 — List Price $20.00 — PRE-ORDER PRICE — $15.00

[Order Number JPW-020 Number of Pre-Orders Received — 007]

Tactical view of the last major land battle fought in Britain. History has called this a 'one-sided' fight, but it was actually a see-saw struggle that could have gone either way.


     one 11 by 17 inch hex map

     200 die-cut backprinted 1/2 inch counters

     8 pages of rules

     folio format

Ray Weiss's WE WERE NOT COWARDS: Sedan 1870 — 


Look for details and grapgics this week

[Number of Pre-Orders Received — 008]



Bard Games' POCKET GENERAL — List Price $19.95 — PRE-ORDER PRICE — $15.00

[Number of Pre-Orders Received — 012]

Pocket General is a different wargame — there are only 11 unit counters per side — they fight in combination against the enemy in seeking to conquer territory and dominate the world. 








Watch for details and game graphics coming here.



A NOTE ON INVENTORIES. All of the 35 issues of The Grenadier Magazine are listed. Those with a $0.00 cost are out-of-print and not available. They are listed for historical interest.


The first Book Sale list is now available. There are about a thousand books from the libraries of Lt Col Henry C. Meyer III USA (ret), Norman R. Hawkins, Lt. Thomas L. J. Bates Indian Army (Ret), and elsewhere going on sale here in groups of 50.

If you are interested, please send an email to orders@justplain.com



Hans von Stockhausen's WELLINGTON'S WAR — this block-style wargame covers the Napoleonic Wars in Spain, 1808-1814. Contains one 36 by 48 inch map [with 2-inch hexes to accommodate large stacks of blocks], 108 1-inch blocks plus labels, 32-page rules booklet, two 30-card decks [one to control game actions, one to create effects of historic events], 96 5/8-inch die-cut markers, player aid card, five dice, boxed — $90.00.


Remember: this is Pacific Rim Pubishing, we pay the postage on game orders to anywhere in the USA

GAME Orders shipped to addresses outside the USA / APO / FPO / DPO have the following shipping costs:


Korsun Pocket — Canada — to be determined — Elsewhere — to be determined

Wellington's War — Canada $20.00  / Elsewhere $40.00

Across The Pacific — Canada $15.00/ Elsewhere $25.00

Chosin or Blood & Iron — Canada $10.00 /  Elsewhere $15.00

Iron Tide — boxed — Canada $15.00 / Elsewhere $20.00

Iron Tide — ziplock — Canada $5.00 / Elsewhere $12.50

Wellington's War — Canada $20.00  / Elsewhere $40.00

Any Justplain or CounterAttack wargame, or The Grenadier Magazine — Canada $2.50  / Elsewhere $7.50

Justplain Counters .625 inch — Canada $5.00  / Elsewhere $10.00

Justplain Counters .500 inch — Canada $4.00 / Elsewhere $8.00

Legend Begins  or Bastogne or Bust —  Canada  $10.00 /  Elsewhere $15.00


Book Orders — postage is US$2.00 per order — for any number of books — via Media Mail to addresses in USA, APO, FPO, DPO — Elsewhere postage will be added at cost — insurance on rarer titles is at the buyer's request and will be added to the cost. 

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Other Work In Progress —

John Hill & Todd Davis's SHILOH DAWN