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Point-to-Point simulation of the campaign to Gettysburg. Uses military and political interaction to detail the compelling forces working on each side. Tom Eskey design. Todd Davis map. Rick Drennan cover illustration.

The Summer of 1863 sets the political, economic, and military aspects of the turning point campaign in the Eastern Theater of The American Civil War.

For a month after the bloody battle of Chancellorsville, the Union and Confederate armies faced each other across the Rappahannock River, their positions almost unchanged since before that fierce and costly struggle. Seizing the initiative in early June, Robert E. Lee moved his Army of Northern Virginia quickly west and north, driving across Maryland toward the fertile fields of Pennsylvania. The Army of the Potomac marched, seeking to bring the enemy’s path to the North’s heartland and bring another contest of arms. The confederates sought to wreak political and economic havoc by foraging for supplies in places untouched by the harsh hand of war.

The Southern forces reach for economic targets, stripping victuals from farmlands and commissariat materials from towns as they maneuver to cut communications between major cities in order to isolate Washington DC.

The Northern forces deploy to block routes to key cities. Both said are watching for the opportunity to bring their opponent into a Major Battle that will tip the scales of victory in their favor.


one 22 by 34 inch map

96 back printed die-cut counters

12 page rules

ziplock folio 

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